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Always Fresh

Always Fresh

It is food that can stand the test of time with flying colors. It is Kalila's food.

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Made With Love

This food is centuries old like its Mezze evergreens the hummus, baba ghannouj, labneh, and last but not least Saj, the Lebanese flatbread, that goes so well with the plant based dishes.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

It is believed that Lebanese Mezze was the first all vegan cuisine in which meat or fish would be a distortion and not needed at all. .


It's time to meet Kalila, a beautiful, modern day fast food deli. Kalila means beloved, in this case the love for Beirut, a city that has the best food the Middle East has to offer. The deli in Amsterdam East, the city's most colourful neighbourhood, is inspired by Beirut's typical street food, made by loving and caring women, who are excellent chefs in their own right. Traditional food is in the owner's veins, but injecting it with a little contemporary twist, they make it their own.

A Taste Of Beirut

A delicate, super fresh and delicious style of cooking is what Kalila is all about. The speciality of this treasure trove for food lovers - is Lebanese Mezze and Saj, the typical flatbread that goes so well with all the colourful and incredibly tasty dishes. The owners are vegan by heart, so the menu is plant based. Are you ready, Amsterdam? Get on the good food with Kalila, a taste of Beirut!



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